October 10, 2015

Computer Games Has No Age !!

Computer games has been developed its industry with the development of the computer generations . Back in 1990's computer games were having no graphics , story line but still people play the game as it was. One of the best example and almost every one know the name of the famous game called "PAC MAN" .  Pac man doesn't have any story line or graphics but it still attracts the gamers toward itself . Gaming world changes very fast with the new generation of computers and its technologies  … [Read more...]

Assassin Creed 3 Review Game Experience

Assassin Creed 3 is the fifth installment of the action-adventure stealth and open world video game series which was just recently released. If you haven’t played the first installments of this video game, you may find it unappealing especially if you haven’t played it before, but for veterans it is still fun to play. Assassins do not actually kill lots of people and that is what this installment of the Assassin Creed show. Lots of the gameplay in the Assassin Creed 3 is also left to forced … [Read more...]

6 % Sales Tax On Textile

6 % Sales tax implementation suggested to government on Textile Industries by the IMF. Well a nice ground is made this time to create problem for those textile industrialist who were doing there business as a non registered person. First Government offers a subsidy for registered person to work on 0 % of sales tax in textile industry. When peoples started registering them selves to avail that subsidy now government is thinking to implement 6 % sales tax on textile. A very nice game but … [Read more...]