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About Us is a free chat room and it's one of the best chat sites for pakistani and desi users. We are providing this chat room service since 2003 and still growing. We have Pakistani & Desi users from all over the world. It uses java technology,means without having java it wouldn't work. So you must have java machine in your computer or install it from below link provided. It provides many features like having avatar with the nick name, color changes etc. Remember always admins & moderators present in the chat room so Please behave , have a look of rules and regulation and try to follow it .

If you like to become moderator in the room, be nice and follow the rules and if we think your service is acquired, we will contact you . Please understand this that here is no such rule like one is user for 10 years and will become admin . In main room which is "Pakistan Room"only Urdu and English is allowed because these languages understandable with most of the users and admins. For chatting in punjabi or pashto we have rooms Lahore and Peshawar. Thanks for your cooperation.
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If you are facing any issue to login please send me your Ip address with your chat usernick name at [email protected] (AYAZ).

  • Abusing, Harrassement to users , moderators and to admins is prohibited.If anyone found doing so, he will be banned from the chat room.
  • Advertising of any kind of community site either chat or forum is not allowed in the chat room at all.
  • If anyone found flooding or spamming in the chat room . They will be kick out or even get banned from the chat room.
  • Respect all users,moderators and admins while chatting in chat room.

If anyone found out violation of the above rules he/she will be kick out from the chat room without warning.